about me

I am a wife of 14 years and a mom to a 9 year old daughter (where has the time gone?!). I am a Registered Nurse and I homeschool. In between this I have been building on my passion for interior design. I recently received a degree with the Interior Design Institute and am pursuing additional education with the New York Institute of Art and Design. As I have been building on this passion, I have realized I want to help other women.

I love art and design and have since I was a child. It came to fruition when my husband and I bought our first house together.  We saw it being built from the ground up and we picked out every design fixture from chandeliers to the doorknobs. That was a blast! I think, though, I had more fun with it then my husband! When it came to painting walls, he thought the white walls were just fine! Um, no. Can you relate? Another memorable time I had with interior design was when we found out we were expecting our daughter! At 5 months pregnant, I was designing, searching and shopping for her nursery. I was going up and down the ladder painting and watching my design come alive! Nothing was stopping me!

File Jul 05, 3 25 02 PM.jpeg


Since then my love for design has grown. I love putting colors and designs together. I gravitate towards traditional but love rustic as well. However, when people are in my home, not only do they see my style, they see my love for my family, color (my walls are not white) and the Impressionists.  My home has become an extension of me.

The home is an extension of every woman. This is where we showcase who we are, right? So, as you are decompressing, binging on Netflix and perhaps enjoying a glass of wine do you find yourself dreaming about your projects being done? Are you too busy or do not know where to start? I get it and I would love to help you! Time, lack of resources or even finances does not have to hinder your vision. I will work with you at your pace and budget to create the look you desire.