Blue, Pink, Green, Oh My!

Coming up with color schemes for your children's room that are as unique as them.

You’re having a baby! Your little one is now a toddler! Or, perhaps your child is even (gasp!) ready to move into something older? What colors are you going to choose? Are you going to decide on the traditional pink for girl or blue for boy? Or something neutral?

Where do you start?

First, pick out 2 colors that you are attracted to the most and a third for the accent.


My baby girl...

Here you see for my daughter’s nursery I went with pink and yellow with green as an accent. The wallpaper border allows even more accent colors to be chosen if I desired.

and today...

In her present room, I painted diamonds on her wall. Her colors are a teal green with a bright pink. I have purple as an accent color. Her quilt allows me to tie in many colors together if I wanted to change the color scheme.

Most recently...


I added a rug that ties in the purple with the pink. It allows me to add teal for an additional pop. 

Next, what kind of mood or atmosphere do you want to create? Do you have a theme in mind?

For her nursery, it is hard to distinguish but castle was my theme and I wanted something bright and cheery. For her present room, I did not have a theme but again wanted something, with her permission of course, lol, bright and cheery.

Finally, did you know that colors have or emit different feelings?

If you have or are having a boy and want to go with the traditional blue

  • Blue offers a sense of healing and with some variations, serenity

If you have or are having a girl and want to go with the traditional pink

  • Pink is a delicate color that demonstrates compassion and love. There are varying hues from pastels to a deep fushcia

But what if you do not know the sex and/or want to stray away from traditional colors for child's room?

  • Here are a few examples:
    • Green can mean calm, serenity
    • Purple equates to royalty and luxury while the pastel color of lilac can be calming
    • Orange can also be of comfort but too much or it can cause over-stimulation

I have put together a few color schemes

These colors are from They are of a pastel pink and yellow with a deep purple. In this example the yellow and purple are the primary colors with the pink as an accent but honestly any look would be beautiful for your little girl. If you are liking the items on the board, go to


For your little boy,

For your little boy, the primary colors here are the green and neutral gray with the dark blue as the accent. You can paint the walls with the Distant Star or the Hillside color or even create a patterned wall with the two

Image 2.png

Oh my goodness, 


I am loving green and orange together! It is so fun and bright! The deep orange of Inferno can be the accent color and these colors can be used for both boy or girl. The inferno color is complemented by the light tint color of Pumpkin Essence along with Pistachio. 

OB-Kids room orange green.jpg


I have put together a mood board using the green and orange for an older child's room. Don't you love it?!


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