Your Half-Bath

Do you have a powder room or half bath that you are struggling with to decorate? Do you paint it with a light color or a dark color? What lighting is best, especially if it is already without any natural light? Is the mirror a plane ol’ boring mirror that lacks any personality?

I have information that might ease your confusion. Here are some examples on how to create something beautiful.  Decorating your powder room-possibly the smallest room in your house- does not have to be intimidating. Let’s have some fun!  

First.  Let’s get to the lighting. There are different types of lighting styles that can be functional yet provide beauty and hopefully set your mind at ease.

Most bathrooms have a vanity light. These are the lights above the mirror. However they do not help you with keeping up with your good looks (so why are they called vanity? Hmmm) because they can cause shadowing. This makes it difficult to assess if that lipstick is truly the right color or perhaps a gentleman might have missed a spot while shaving.

My bathroom.jpg

Vanity Lights

This is my half bathroom with the vanity lights. You can see the shadowing they create.  There is just enough light to provide some illumination for the room. I cannot tell how my make-up truly looks. On the list for renovation!




Sconce lighting.jpg


These two pictures are examples of task lighting. Loving them! The first picture shows wall sconces and the second pendant lighting. It’s personal choice between the two types. They both are at eye level and ideal for creating a bright atmosphere and adequate lighting to ensure you are looking your best.

Pendant Lighting.jpg

Pendant Lights



Lighted Mirror.jpg

Lighted Mirror

This lighted mirror is the new trend.  Fabulous! It can provide an even concentration of light and can come in different levels of brightness ranging from a day light to home/work light. Hmmm- perhaps this will look good in my bathroom- decisions, decisions.

Layered Lighting

The best design of lighting is when there is a layered look. This bathroom not only has the task lighting but you can see through the mirror there is a ceiling light. One can choose how much lighting is needed for the task at hand.


Second. What color do youpaint the walls, especially if it’s a small room?  There is a fear for creating a dark and smaller environment if choosing a dark paint.

If your bathroom is small and without natural light, the general rule of thumb is to paint your walls with a light color of paint. This will allow the bathroom to feel larger. The recommended colors include white, yellow, a light tint of gray and aqua. I have included some color samples from If, however, you want to go bold and paint your bathroom with perhaps, Antique Earth or Blackberry Jam, go for it! To offset the dark, pick the décor and vanities in a light color and if there is trim, make sure they are light in color as well.

Third . The décor. This of course, is where you are able to complete your look. I think the most fun are the mirrors. Most bathrooms are installed with a simple and plain mirror. But there are options!

The first is to replace them with something different. I have included some I like- I guess I like the bling. I went to Wayfair for inspiration.

Framed Mirror

The second is keeping the mirror but adding a frame around it! This picture  is of a framed mirror coming from It is a website that allows you to keep the plain mirror but add some style by changing it up. You can shop by color, frame style, décor and/or size. This is definitely on my to do list!

brilliant looking bathroom.jpg


This picture shows how you can make a half-bath become a statement maker. This bathroom shows a darker paint color with task lighting that accentuates the mirror that makes you go wow! when you enter.  Beautiful!


Have fun with decorating your bathroom knowing even though it’s small, it can make a huge statement in your home!