Creating Your Uniquely You Homeschool Space

You have made the decision to homeschool and you’re wondering what’s next. Right?


Well first, congratulations to you as you have made the biggest decision TO homeschool. You will find that homeschooling, like being a parent, is the hardest job you will ever love.  

After the decision to homeschool, now what do you do? Which curriculum are you going to use? A box set or individual vendors? Space, what about the space? Do you really have to have a designated room to homeschool? What about organization of all the books and manipulatives- where are they going to go? If you are anything like me, you scoured the internet, googled every possible letter on the topic of homeschooling and have an ever-growing Pinterest board on creating the perfect yet functional homeschool space. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have tons of room to organize that space you want.


My Homeschool Wall

Well, let me show you that you don’t need a designated room or much space for that matter. The beauty of it is, like choosing the curriculum that best fits your child(ren), you can create a space that best fits you! You don’t have to sit at a designated desk but can sit at the dining room table or perhaps on the living room couch.

My living area is open and consists of the living room, dining and kitchen. I'm using a wall that otherwise was empty. I hung a large dry erase board and am currently using a folding table. I'm on the search for that perfect desk. I bought a small shelving unit off of Amazon that holds her curriculum. 



The closet full of books, manipulatives and other supplies.

In our hallway closet, we have a large bookshelf unit that we use to store her books, manipulatives and other supplies. On the wall, I have a decorative metal rack that holds current files, work and resources for the year. It can easily get messy so I either deal with it and re-organize or just close the doors. 

On the wall, where I made it uniquely us, I found some wall plaques with inspirational truths for my daughter to learn. And to be honest, for me to learn and remember too. We are a Christian family so I hung a wall plaque with the Lord's Prayer.  I found an American flag so she learns to say the Pledge of Allegiance and we do this every day.  The flowers, a decorative touch to add some flair.

This was the fun part.  You have the big decision on what curriculum to choose so have fun with this. Here I am showing you a half wall we use as our homeschool space. She utilizes the dining room table for work and I sometimes sit by her which creates some unforgettable moments. Or we sit on the couch for reading and talking which further creates great memories. 

You know what you and your child(ren) like and you can design a wall, a room according to your personality and style. It will evolve as your family does but there are no rules.  

Good Luck!

If you're curious about the curriculum we use, since my daughter is in the third grade, I wanted something that was more self-directive. We are using Life Pac from Alpha Omega for her Bible and Language Arts and I love it. I assign her pages to complete each day and there are areas for teacher check. For math, we are using Teaching Textbooks. She loves it! She is being taught math through the program (yeah!) and I am more of the facilitator. Plus, she is becoming confident with the computer. We are loving Apologia for science and are studying Astronomy. This is our first year using Notgrass history and it is wonderful. For the next two years, we are studying America the Beautiful. It is geared for the fifth grade so I adjust the assignments and reading accordingly. She is reading from the Abeka curriculum and learning to spell from All About Spelling. It has taken me a few years through trial and error to find what works. Don't worry though, you will too.  You will have unique opportunities for your child to wow you!

Again, good luck, have fun and you've got this!